Practice Makes Perfect.

We encourage you to test Belle 4G LTE as often as you’d like, especially when you first get the pendant. Here’s how:

  1. Press and hold the call button until the small call light turns blue.
  2. After a short delay you will hear ringing.
  3. The operator answers the call, greeting you by name and asking if you need help.
  4. Tell the operator you’re OK and are just testing.

Follow these exact same steps whenever you really do need help!

Belle | Press to get help


Belle 4G LTE requires adequate cellular coverage in order to function properly. Test the pendant frequently to ensure proper coverage remains in your area and please keep in mind that your surroundings and environmental and topographical conditions can impact coverage.

Charge Up.

Belle | Charging Cradle

Unlike other mobile medical pendants, Belle 4G LTE lasts an average of 30 days in between charging sessions saving you the hassle of remembering to charge on a daily basis. When it is time to charge, simply place the pendant in its included charging cradle. You’ll know it’s charging because the small, red battery light will be flashing. It will be ready to rejoin you and your active lifestyle for another month in just three hours.

Not sure you’ll remember to keep it charged? We can text or email you when it’s time to charge Belle 4G LTE. Set this feature up during activation when you see the section on Battery Level Notifications or, if you’ve already activated your device, just give us a call.

Time in between charges

Time required to charge

100% shower-safe

Works indoors & outdoors

Belle LTE: Ready for your active lifestyle